1975 Château Beychevelle


We noticed this bottle resting comfortably on a shelf at a trustworthy wine merchant’s shop. We inquired into the provenance, checked the capsule and level, and, well, we went for it. Far from inexpensive, albeit not over the top.

We consider wines of this age to be “intellectual experiences“.

This reflects every facet of the experience:
1. Gentle, careful and nerve-wracking removal of the cork, which has done its best for 40 years.
2. First sniff and consideration whether to sip immediately or allow air to do its thing on the 40 year old juice.
3. Assessment of sediment, if any, after standing the bottle upright for 48 hours before pouring.
4. Pouring as delicately as possible.
5. Viewing forever into the once gleaming red now turning burnt, almost copper-like face.
6. Sniffing for a long time before almost screaming out how many different thoughts you are having of preserved vegetables (Chinese types), wet forest, dusty old law textbooks, burnt coffee and dark chocolate.
7. Sipping the velvety, silky, dry veggie liquid that conjures up all sorts of thoughts including where is the fruit?

A wonderful, wow, experience. We were pleased as punch to be with one of our favourite sommeliers to enjoy the myriad of sensations brought forward by this matron of THE art.

(VineNaughties’ Rating: 94 points)

1975 Château BeychevelleFrance, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien

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