2011 Robert Foley Pinot Noir Hudson Vineyard

2011 Robert Foley Pinot Noir Hudson Vineyard – USA, California, Napa / Sonoma, Carneros (10/28/2015)
We opened with our neighbours to expose them to California Pinot Noir. Talk about exceedingly happy people as we munched on their Indonesian (home-made) snacks. Other than that and the fact she was very worthy of a second date, we restate our previous note: “Dark, deep purple red (barely). Berry, very, berries of all sorts as well as cherries. Upper palate pulls down to the tongue. Slightly salacious, but small saliva wanting you to sip more. A touch more Burgundian (without the desired wet forest), light, finesse – think Chambolle-Musigny – with a barely legal sorta slenderness that says never a runway model, but surely a fun date and just demanding a second date. Ya never know until you try second ;-). She just might over-impress now that you know her parameters. She might not. Never mind…you will have a good time and not be embarrassed…even if you are not very impressed. We like Robert Foley Vineyards for delivering consistent, very good to excellent wines. Someday, we look forward to exceptional or mind-blowing from Robert Foley…we have time to wait and, more importantly, we “feel” you can do it ;-). Bruno Mars playing in the background keeps on singing “you got to show me tonight”. Voila, perfect timing!!!!” (89 points)