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The mental masturbation disgorgement (zero dosage) of less than professional albeit experienced, fun-loving albeit profound, opinionated albeit rational missives dedicated to those MentalMasturbaters, GastroNaughties and VineNaughties of exceedingly discerning albeit not too snobby palates.

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About J.A.M.

Despite the youthful semblance of M and immature character of J, we confirm eclipsing a combined 100 years in 2015.

A dubious distinction, indeed, but just enough years to publicly announce with excessive confidence, or at least somewhat plausibly, that

we have – for work or play – visited almost everywhere in the world (not too keen on the absent bits);
we have been lucky enough to enjoy exceptional events snacking at a plethora of the world’s most renowned restaurants (many more than once);
we have sipped some of the worst and most of the best (and everything in between) wines on the planet;
we have actively participated in more than a lot of truly inspirational charity programs in more than a dozen countries (altruism is nonsense…we did it because it made us feel really good); and, well,
we have done business and/or broken bread and toasted The Noble Grape with in excess of 10,000 people from more than 100 countries.

We think it fair to say we have “lived”…and we have been very, very lucky!

We met in 1991 when we were both young, a touch crazy and always seeking something to make us smile. We have been, non-stop, working, playing, sipping and snacking with each other ever since.

We each are exceedingly pleased to have met “our person”.

We never, ever find ourselves bored with each other’s company.

Au contraire, we prefer always to be with each other.

Sounds a bit over-the-top and sappy?

We are good with that 

We started our serious sipping adventure in 1997 with a reasonably well-aged bottle of St. Julien that cost us a bit more – a lot more – than any wine we ever had tried.

We started learning from friends, who grew up in families keen on sipping The Noble Grape.

We started attending wine tastings any and every time we were invited.

We planned holidays based on visits to wineries.

We befriended and learned from some of the most experienced and globally recognised sommeliers at, not surprisingly, many of the world’s most exceptional restaurants.

Et voila, we J.A.M.ed…and will continue so to do 

We have decided to remain anonymous because we do not want anyone – be he/she a chef, winemaker, sommelier, friend or foe – to seek to influence us. After all, if they do not know “us”, they are safe.

You can reach us at admin@buzzzzoff.com.

We love to talk sipping ’n snacking 

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