Babysitting G

Oh my ears and whiskers, our good friend G was abandoned by his wife, who had booked a girls’ night.  If only we were in our 30s, nay, even 40s, this evening could get ugly.  The advantage of age, of course, is the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular wines one would not find in “gentlemen’s clubs”.

We – happily – offered to “babysit” our needy, little fella…well, he is more than ten years my senior, but a friend in need….

I should mention he arrived only two hours after Tipsy Wo departed so, well, yup, it was a big day!!!

We started with a 2009 Kistler Trenton Roadhouse Vineyard Chardonnay. G is a big fan and, well, I am easily swayed by the thought of sipping my favourite Chardonnay. As always, it was salacious in the extreme conjuring memories of some moments in life I cannot share in this setting, stronIMG_3165g oak and vanilla on the palate and, frankly, was better than the excellent Meursault we had sipped earlier in the day. I love my Kistler…said Buddy!

As G had not yet tried Maybach and Blankiet, we opened bottles of the 2010 Amoenus and Proprietary Red, respectively. Equally huge wines, arguably a tad too young but splendid on the nose and palate, they did not disappoint. The Maybach Amoenus received top honours, which may have been a reflection of the extra hour of breathing as I opened the Blankiet a bit later when my genius  finally kicked in with the thought of comparing the same vintage. Nevertheless, the Blankiet did not suck.

G decided, in his infinite wisdom, that we should sip a Jacquesson 737 as a “palate-cleanser” to end the evening. Yes, he is a true genius!  It seems to me an error of judgement to sip shampoo only at the beginning of an evening as often is the case.  A refreshing bubble to end the evening, particularly with some fantabulous Frog cheese, is exceedingly civilised!

Well, I have to say “babysitting” G was a treat…we did not even ask to be paid! Now, why was babysitting the neighbourhood kids when I was in my early teens not as much fun? Popcorn or Kistler? Seriously!?  Both, of course