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Negro Serra Lupini Roero Arneis – A pleasant break from Chardonnay

Every once in a while, we let our hair down, expand our library of smells, colours and tastes and, heaven forbid, stray from our holy path on The Noble Chardonnay vineway. Such a devilish detour is not for the weak of heart or those “addicted” to the wonders of what no doubt is God’s favourite varietal.

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Play Date Weekend with Party Marty

Our good friend, Party Marty, parachuted into Hong Kong for a relatively late night Saturday, all day Sunday and recuperative Monday visit. Despite being well out of practice with The Noble Grape, Party Marty lived up to his moniker.

We, on the other hand, find ourselves still recovering on Tuesday, albeit I anticipate something lascivious to sip this evening. Continue reading Play Date Weekend with Party Marty

Viña Seña

SeñaWe were invited to attend a Viña Seña wine lunch.  We were quite surprised to be included in the party of approximately 40 people including Eduardo Chadwick (President and Owner of Viña Seña), Francois Mateo (Regional Director Asia of Viña Seña) and Loreto Queirolo (Marketing Director of Viña Seña). Simply stated, an exceedingly well-received invitation and jolly good event.

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Solmar 沙利文


Very, very, local 50+ year old “Macanese” restaurant we have visited before. I think they clean once per year and, unfortunately, it was not the months before our visit. Quite fun, nevertheless. They list a Barca-Vehla for MOP3,000. We asked the vintage because I would pop for that price if the ’82, and I would consider if the ’00. I was shocked – not – to discover they no longer had it for sale.

Fried cod balls were pretty good albeit a bit too much bread and potato. Hearty fare and always a nice way to start lunch! They brought out Lea & Perrins sauce to dip…seriously, why not soy sauce!?

Prawn curry with potato has a nice soft flavor with a lil kick. Heavy Southern Chinese flavor, not too oily.

African Chicken, unique to Macau, was sadly uninspiring. Having said that, the “extra spicy” sauce saved the dish as the kick, for a sauce prepared by Cantonese palates, was very good!

Simple, heavy and hearty “Macanese” food…and no extra charge for the dirt :-).

Solmar 沙利文

Address: Avenida da Praia Grande 512,

Babysitting G

Oh my ears and whiskers, our good friend G was abandoned by his wife, who had booked a girls’ night.  If only we were in our 30s, nay, even 40s, this evening could get ugly.  The advantage of age, of course, is the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular wines one would not find in “gentlemen’s clubs”.

We – happily – offered to “babysit” our needy, little fella…well, he is more than ten years my senior, but a friend in need….

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Chateau Talbot 2003

IMG_3330Sipping “our” wine while watching “The Big Bang Theory” offers fond memories of our just-learning-good-wine stage coupled with the giggles one only can enjoy from modern, pseudo-intellectual, Yank slapstick comedy.

We have at least one bottle of Chateau Talbot from every vintage since 2000, and we tend to try a few every year to experience the evolution of this medium to heavy bodied St Julien. It is light brownish red on the eye, slightly minerally with dark fruit on the nose, relatively soft but still evident tannins, somewhat chocolate flavored with a pleasant medium-bodied, fairly long finish.

It does not suck and is ready to sip now and probably for another decade!

I understand it generally goes for USD65 per bottle. Relatively good value at home, but I would be hard-pressed to pay a 3x markup at a top-shelf restaurant.