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Wining and dining…and relaxing and sleeping…all-in-one exceptional destinations…in Portugal

Quite a few countries offer exceptionally delightful, relaxing, dining and sleeping destinations. These rare, Grand Cru-like blends offer discerning travellers an opportunity to embrace idyllic settings while dining at Oh My Yummy God restaurants and stumbling to exceedingly comfortable snoring – oops, snoozing – environments.
The destinations below are not for a quick lunch or dinner and taxi back to another hotel.  You want to arrive early afternoon, enjoy the natural beauty of the property and the surrounding area, spend some time in the fitness centre and/or spa or just hike around the wooded areas, catch a happy hour sip in the bar, prepare for and enjoy a long, culinary extravaganza along with wonderful wine  for dinner and carefully make your way to slumberland at or around the clock striking Midnight.

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Restaurante Doca Piexe 👍👍👌

Directly on the Marina of the River Tagus and under the main bridge, which looks like The Golden Gate Bridge. A bit loud. Check that…very loud when the train travels through. A long row of many restaurants, all seemingly well-versed in English and other languages to meet both domestic and international demands. Friendly waiter. Actually, I have to comment very favourably about the Portuguese people. Very, very nice, helpful and often entertaining. France is France. Spain was OkeyDokey. Portugal people seem to embody the best of all and the level of English is much better, which always is a plus for us! A most excellent place to have some jolly good fish and a bottle of light, refreshing wine.

Fried green peppers (whole) with thinly sliced potato-style chips. Very tasty dish as you combine a chip with a pepper for a flavorful taste with a crunch! Better than a Kit Kat . We did not finish to allow room for the other courses.

Lightly battered Grouper with a side of clams in rice excellent. Fish cuts like butter, batter is very light and tasty. A winner! I skipped most of the rice, which was excellent, but thinking of the next dish. M is very happy because, well, duh, it is excellent rice.

Salt encrusted fish (Sea Bass) cooked to perfection. Like butter. Even tastier with a bit of olive oil. Surrounded by carrots, string beans and potatoes. A health lunch! M said if all fish tasted like this, she would eat fish everyday! I have had many a salt-encrusted Sea Bass in my day. This one just might be the best! The veggies are darn-tooting-tasty as well!

Quinta do Castro Douro DOC ’10. Branco. 12%. Gouveio, Roupeiro, Rabigato grapes. Say that three times fast and then tell me if you know any of the varietals.  I know one.  Recommended by the most excellent sommelier of Sketch. Transparent. Light, refreshing, nice finish. Very good wine and one I would buy.  As we have subsequently learned, Quinta do Castro, virtually anything, is a good drop!

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Restaurante Doca Piexe
Doca de Sto. Amaro
Armazem 14 Alcantara

Doca PeixeDoca PeixeDoca Peixe Doca Peixe P1040364