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Restaurant Martin Wishart 👍👍👍👍👌

Chic, sadly roadside, restaurant by the port in Leith just outside Edinburgh. Supposedly the best restaurant in the Edinburgh area. Major drawback: cars and buses buzzing by every few minutes reminiscent of dining near an airport. Not good…actually very bad. No double-glazing in Scotland? Very sad. Noise and rumble died down after 9pm, but still rears its ugly head now and again.

Place is thumping on Tuesday. Not bad. Book well in advance. Continue reading Restaurant Martin Wishart 👍👍👍👍👌

Palazzo Petrucci, Naples 👍👍👍👍

This was far from the easiest restaurant to find in the old town of Naples, but it was worth our evening stroll through the dark, winding streets of this, from our perspective, under-rated city of Southern Italy.  A beautiful restaurant with a cool atrium that opens up to the kitchen where all can see the magicians at work.  Mega-Cool!!! At 8:30pm, we were the only diners on a Saturday night…when do people eat lunch that allows them to wait so long for dinner?  We did not eat one bit of food all day as we were nursing our colds (Bless Big Pharma) and the pizza from the night before…so we were ready to rock!

It was great fun to watch the Chef finish off dishes before the waiters whisked them away.  We always enjoy watching “artists” at work! We sent Chef a small glass of our red to say “grazie”.  We loved seeing the Chef ringing an ole fashion “Call Jeeves the Butler” bell to summon wait staff to collect the dishes. Far more civilised than screaming.

We were greeted with a sparking rose wine to start.  Very kind. To say it is not our fav sparkler would be a British understatement, but no worries. We were a little embarrassed as the reservation from The St Regis was not recorded in the Scrooge-style, 1800s ledger/book for diners. Fortunately, they found a table for two as the place was hopping by 9:30pm as two very large parties were celebrating something.  We made a note to inform the concierge about the cock-up…someone almost ruined our night!!!

We walked more than 3km to and plan to walk the same distance back to the hotel after dinner.

We thought service was a bit fast….so only a three hour dinner.  The joint started jamming at 10:15pm. We were almost ready to sleep….the beauty of different cultures!

It was absolutely entertaining to watch the interaction between wait staff, chefs, etc. Nothing seemed straightforward with every conversation looked like an animated debate.  We sorta felt like the restaurant offered a micro-version of Italy, i.e. reasonably well-controlled, charming and mostly friendly chaos.  We loved it…smiling big time….


We decided to choose wine from the Campania region tonight. This decision really, really helped the budget as the most expensive wine was, well, inexpensive! When we ordered a white and red, the waiter said “you want two bottles?” We countered with “only if it is fine with you.” He did a double take, smiled and chuckled “of course, fine with me.”

* 2010 Fiordiva Costa d’Amalfi – Marisa Cuomo. Blend of Femile, Ginestra and Ripoli. The waiter proclaimed “this is the best white wine in the Campania region.”  Rock it, baby!!! An odd, powerful aroma of strong flowers, a bit rough on the palate with a very unique character, almost impossible to describe other than in your face and a short finish.  We could not say we loved it, but we could not say we hated it. Just drink, idiot!!! We held back a glass to see how it tasted after 2+ hours and warm….no difference!

* 2008 Vigna Piancastellli – Terre Del Principe. Blend of Casavecchia and Pullagrello. We dunno anything about these grapes. We could not place the aromas. Very rough tannins and heavy, sweet dark fruits – black currants – on the palate.  Hmmm…



Lady menus without prices…we always like a bit of chauvinistic, old world charm.

The bread sticks, which we usually find to be eh, were very, very good!!!  Happy start!!!

The bread was very good, particularly the roll baked with some cheese and ham and the rolled baked with spinach. OMYG!!!  We ate way too much bread given the Yank-super-size portions. No more bread!!!


A small slice of smoked trout on a very thin slice of parma ham with a fine mustard sauce. OMYG. We immediately thought if the balance of the meal was half as good, then we were in for a treat…good guess as it turned out!


Millefeuilles of Campania’s mozzarella cheese with raw prawns and sauce of zucchini flowers. Wow, an excellent dish despite the prawns still being alive! We would have preferred them cooked – boiled – slightly, but Italians seem to like their version of sushi. The mozz was fantabulous!!!  Oooweebaby!

Fantasy of raw fish. The still living fish was “excellent”, “very fresh” and “perfect without any seasoning.” We ate everything including the green veggie on the plate, which was some excellent sort of spinach!!!  Although we liked, the raw fish “crudo” was better at Quinz & Gabrielli in Rome.  No complaint…just an observation!


Stand up paccheri with ricotta cheese and Neopolitan ragout and mature ricotta cheese. We had munched on this dish in the past but only when it was sitting down. Fairly typical, sitting down, of Naples cuisine for Sundays. We loved it!!! Too funny standing up. Perhaps the Chef has a certain complex? The ragout was incredible as it was huge on the palate, but fine almost like sun-dried tomatoes. OMYG!!!

Gragnano’s Spaghettoni with broccoli sauce, lobster and provolone cheese fondue. The pasta was special as slightly thicker than spaghetti and very, very fine.  The broccoli sauce was very light and nice. Never unhappy to have some provolone cheese mixed into anything! Too, too much food!!! Why, oh why did we order a second course!!!??? Another Chef will be be unhappy when we do not finish more than half of an excellent dish!  We did mention quite excitedly that we loved it!

NEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE EVEN BEFORE THE SECOND COURSE!!! Something is wrong either with Europe or us….we simply could not keep up!!!


Seared red mullet with chives and cheese provola, salad, yogurt and potatoes with extra virgin.  We guessed the Chef meant “extra virgin olive oil” because, sadly, no virgin or other similar creature was served. Too, too pretty!  Slightly breaded, baked and the cheese was only barely, but happily, noticeable. Light, nice. We almost finished…stunning!

Rabbit with leek sauce with rosemary, tomatoes pappa, chickpeas chips and chard. We helped to reduce the bunny population with this dish. Ooops….yikes we forgot to be more PG….Politically Goofy. OMG‘ing the tomatoes pappa. We thought the rabbit was good, but nothing special, albeit very well-cooked.

We thought about ordering the local cheese plate, but we opined that we could not eat another bite of anything even if it came from “the divine bum”. Ooops, we do have our moments when we say exactly what we feel before we think about how inappropriate….old age? At least we are cute…or at least our mothers says so.




Palazzo Petrucci 👍👍👍👍
Chef Lino Scarallo
Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 4, 80134 Napoli

Photos (Palazzo Petrucci)

Palazzo Petrucci
Palazzo Petrucci
Red mullet
Palazzo Petrucci
Palazzo Petrucci
Palazzo Petrucci
Palazzo Petrucci

Palazzo Petrucci

Palazzo Petrucci
Palazzo Petrucci

NUR Hong Kong 👍👍👍👍👌

We finally got off our bums to visit this much talked about restaurant in Central. After all, when a chef can lay claim to working with Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, then it is imperative for a GastroNaughty to parachute in for an “event”.  Simply stated, we were not disappointed…in fact, we were deliriously delighted!

ON Dining
ON Dining

Prior to arriving for our 8pm seating, we had a 2010 Chartogne-Taillet Champagne “Lettre de Mon Meunier” Extra Brut at ON Dining. Many thanks to Nicolas introducing us to this Pinot Meunier, the vines from which the grapes were born were mostly never affected by phylloxera. Les Barres, which is their brand wholly made from vines never touched by phylloxera was not made in 2010. With only 1,800 bottles produced (ON Dining has 24 so hurry down to get some), we were pleased Nicolas pulled this luvly from the special cellar as he thought more interesting to try than Les Orizeaux or Les Barres, both NVs from the same producer. Served in larger bowl champagne flutes…we would have gone for white Bordeaux glasses for more air, but these more ample bodied flutes did the trick. Thin, elegant bubbles in a slightly darker golden yellow visual. Aromas of yeast already present with pleasant toasty oak and ripe pears. Very nice. Palate of ripe pears and apples with a hint of citrus and a very dry, tangy finish that begs you to sip more. A bit expensive, but a joy to sip.

NUR Hong Kong
Lyndhurst Terrace

Sufficiently lubricated, we slowly strolled up Wellington Street, turned left onto Lyndhurst Terrace, found the correct building and hopped the lift to the third floor. You need to pay attention as the restaurant is located in a large building where signage is, well, sparse. Not too difficult, but you easily could do what we did, i.e. walk several hundred yards about Lyndhurst Terrace before realizing #1 must be at the beginning…call it old age!

We departed nearly four hours later…happy lil piggies we were!


location. Conveniently located a bit up the hill in Central, Hong Kong.
character and atmosphere. Minimalist design with an open kitchen that offers a fairly good view of the chefs at work. We would have preferred to sit right in front of them – a la L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – but the narrow layout of the floor would not accommodate. Smokers will be happy to learn NUR boasts a terrace.
style and comfort. We liked the open feeling and spacious seating arrangements. The chairs were very comfortable. A pleasant, friendly, home-like feeling.
– table and glassware. Excellent!
other guests. Quite a few couples and one large table that was situated in a “private room” sort of setting.
ambience rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down)👍👍👍👍


booking. We booked via email, and we were impressed with the timely responses to our inquiries. Please note you have to provide a scanned copy of your credit card and confirm your booking by completing and scanning/emailing back a form to the restaurant. If you cancel, you pay.
reception. Very friendly.
floor staff (knowledge and presentation of food, attention to details and awareness of guests). Excellent presentation of the food clearly evidencing the wait-staff’s appreciation of Chef’s culinary creations.
sommelier, maitre’d, chef, manager. We enjoyed speaking with the sommelier and his enthusiastic apprentice. Both fellas really knew their wine list and wine. We like professionals! We were not sure who was the manager as all staff were engaged in serving food, pouring wine, etc. No problem as everyone was great. We shared a glass of wine with Chef Nurdin Topham while discussing “Modern British Cuisine” and the Hong Kong food scene. His personality exudes a passionate approach to thinking outside the box when it comes to cooking. Chef Nurdin is a perfectly balanced blend of creativity and science!!!
service rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down)👍👍👍👍


bread. Outstanding!
ingredients. Top-shelf.
presentation. Excellent.
creativity. Very.
taste. Exceptional.
smell. Exceptional.
execution. Perfect.
food rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down)👍👍👍👍👍

The plethora of visual victuals, spectacular smells, tantalising tastes and textures are too numerous to delineate here. Words simply fall flat when trying to describe the beautiful blend Chef Nurdin delivers. You MUST experience!

Amuse Bouche 1 – Taco with Avocado, Crisp with Ricotta and Sun-Dried Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber. Each morsel offered pleasant and unique blends. The Cucumber was mind-blowing awesome…but we are rabbits at heart so we may be a touch biased!

Amuse Bouche 2 – Duck Ham/Watermelon Ham. As intriguing as tasty…we might even say odd, but yummy!

Romaine – Kimchi, Pistachio Mint. Oh, we happy rabbits! The romaine was stunning, and we loved the brush of mint…clever!

King Crab – Squash Custard, Parmesan, Kinome. We remain happily perplexed after munching on this stunner…did you get the number of that truck!?

Hen of the Woods – Maitake, Goji, Mushroom Broth. We readily admit that mushrooms rank low on our rabbit-like preferences, but, well, this dish just made a huge dent in that position. OMYG!!!

Mackerel – Fresh Walnuts, Yam Bean, Garden Herbs. Yet again, Chef Nurdin has managed to blend perfectly the sort of flavours that ensure one of our least favourite fish is now swimming near the top of our preferences. Exceptional!!! OMYG!!!

Cauliflower – Sunflower Seed Risotto. Happy rabbit…’nuff said!

Cabbage – Shirako, Salted Cod, Lemon. Happy rabbit…’buff said on steroids!!!

Celeriac – Tokyo Turnip, Myoga. Crazy dish where a happy rabbit enjoys the unique flavour of the Myoga.

BBQ’D Goose – Tokyo Turnip, Myoga. Perfectly cooked.  Goose was juicy and succulent!

Apple – San Fuji Apple. Delicious!

Ricotta – Ginseng Fruit, Fig Leaf Oil, Honeycomb. Homemade ricotta? Seriously!? The texture was only second and just barely to the flavour.

Pumpkin – Marigold, Yuzu, Honey. Enough, please!!! Pumpkin done with that je ne sais quoi…excellent!


selection. Very good.
variety. Very good.
value. Very good.
wine rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down)👍👍👍

2012 Clos du Moulin aux Moines Pernand-Vergelesses Les Combottes. After our pre-dinner bubble at ON Dining Hong Kong, and we walked up the hill to NUR Hong Kong. We chose this “Baby Corton-Charlemagne” (we named as such because the vines are situated on a hillside adjacent to those of Corton-Charlemagne). Transparent greenish-yellow on the eye. Aromas of wet stones, almonds and only a touch of oak. Sadly, the bottle was served too cold and we had to request removing the same from the wine cooler. As she warmed up, the perfume became nicer, albeit we expected more from a Pernand-Vergelesses. The palate was relatively dry, a bit of toast, vanilla-cream and oak. Insufficient structure for us. We had expected more of this “Baby Corton-Charlemagne”, and we wonder if she will blossom over the coming years. Still pleasant and paired extremely well with the 10 course, most seafood and veggie tasting menu.

2011 Clos du Moulin aux Moines Auxey-Duresses Moulin aux Moines. Light red on the eye…hmmm…a little too light. Aromas of sous bois (dirty wet forrest) were very promising along with the mushrooms and ripe berries. Sadly, the palate, albeit good, was no match for the nose. Very light berry juice (did you say Ribena?) with a tiny Bruno Mars body. Finish was short and slightly dull. A pleasant wine that paired well with the light food, but not one we would buy again.

2005 Bouchard Père et Fils Corton-Le Corton Corton Grand Cru. Dark, intense red on the eye. More of what we were seeking! Aromas of ripe berries, some spice and nuttiness and pleasant whiff of sous bois. Bingo!!! Voluptuous palate, great fruit and acidity balance and elegant structure. Long lingering finish. Oooweebaby, we needed to smoke something after that luscious and salacious sip…sadly, we do not partake, but the food was wonderful so we were good to go! A stunning way to end a perfect event!!!


type of cuisine. Creative Intersection of “What I Want To Eat” with “What I Should Eat
dress code. Smart casual.
overall rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down)👍👍👍👍👌


NUR Hong Kong
Chef Nurdin Topham
3rd Floor, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Hong Kong

Photos (NUR Hong Kong)


Saffron, Macau 👍👍👍👍

We disembarked the Hong Kong to Taipa Ferry after nearly 60 minutes of smooth sailing, hopped a complimentary bus to The JW Marriott, checked-in and left our luggage at the super-efficient Executive Lounge and walked five minutes to Saffron at The Banyan Tree Macau for a hopefully excellent and real Thai lunch.

We usually find Thai food in Hong Kong to be “dumbed-down” due to the Cantonese preference for less-spicy victuals. Although Thai food does not have to be super-spicy, we prefer the tongue-tantalising spicy version. As such, we generally are very disappointed in what can only be described as Cantonese food with some red colour!

In any event, we arrived at Saffron, which is beautifully designed and furnished, to a very pleasant and professional reception. We walked over to the open-kitchen (very Thai), and we met Chef Pong. We informed her of our disappointment with most Southern China Thai restaurants, and she nodded sadly while recounting her many challenges to meet local palates and still call the dishes “Thai”. She promised to deliver an excellent and “real” Thai lunch. Despite the restrictions (she cannot even procure Thai chilis), she met our expectations! We were sad to learn she would be departing soon for another adventure, but we were pleased to know her second in command would be in situ to serve us a real Thai meal when we next visited.


location. The Banyan Tree Hotel, Taipa, Macau. If you are anywhere in Taipa, you can easily walk or hop a courtesy bus to visit.
character and atmosphere. Swish, nicely designed, properly furnished and, generally, exceedingly comfortable.
style and comfort. Very stylish with a Thai feel. Chairs cheerfully comfortable. Spacing between tables generous.
table and glassware. Top-shelf!
other guests. We were not surprised to see a table of 10 Japanese and another of 10 Cantonese speaking Chinese availing of the well-priced set lunch.
ambience rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down) 👍👍👍👍👍.


booking. We booked online without a hitch.
reception. Very pleasant and professional. All smiles!
floor staff (knowledge and presentation of food, attention to details and awareness of guests). Professional, yet playful, in true Thai style…despite being mostly Filipina.
sommelier, maitre’d, chef, manager. We chatted with the Executive Chef of The Banyan Tree (Indonesian) as well as Chef Pong. Very friendly and eager to receive feedback. The young Filipina and Thai ladies who served us were friendly, albeit lacking in wine knowledge.
service rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down) 👍👍👍👍👍


bread. Thai food lah…no bread!
ingredients. In general, very good. However, we were surprised to learn about the limitations placed upon the Chef in terms of procuring Thai ingredients. Very odd as some of the basics, i.e. Thai chilis, can be purchased in the local supermarkets.
presentation. Chef Pong, particularly when the spicy Thai dipping sauces, presented several of the dishes. Top-shelf! The staff also did a great job explaining the dishes.
creativity. Nice.
taste. Excellent!
smell. Excellent!
execution. Perfect!
food rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down) 👍👍👍👍👍

We decided to go big with the Saffron Seafood Bonanza Gourmet.

Amuse bouche of Thai crackers with chili dipping sauce. The crackers were very yummy, but in some ways more filling than the bread served in top-shelf French restaurants. We carefully did not finish.

Seafood Platter of Boston Lobster, Alaskan Crab, Tuna & Salmon Sashimi. We requested additional sashimi to replace the Oyster & New Zealand Mussel on the menu, and we also ordered the sashimi to be seared. Mai peng rai (Thai for no problem). Excellent quality ingredients. The Salmon was exceptional! Chef Pong prepared three Thai dipping sauces that elevated in spiciness. The final sauce (green colour) really hit the spot!!!

Tom Kha Goong Huaplee soup (Traditional Spicy River Prawn, Coconut, Lemongrass, Galangal, Banana Blossom). The spiciness beautifully blended with the coconut and lemongrass to offer an outstanding, full-flavoured soup.

Pla Krapong Tord Nam Pla (Fried Sea Bass, Fish Sauce, Shallot & Garlic Sauce). Lightly fried, excellent piece of fish – huge portion – with pleasant, Thai style (soft spice) sauces. We, of course, dipped into he green spicy sauce previously served with the Seafood Platter!

Chu Chee Goong Maenam (River Prawn Red Curry, Eggplant, Red Chilli, Sweet Basil). Thick, but smooth, medium-spicy red curry complimented extremely well with the sweet basil. Perfect to munch with steamed white rice. Prawns were excellent and nicely cooked…but the sauce spread over the rice would, without any assistance, have made us gloriously happy.

Goong Munggorn Phad Himapan (Wok Fried Lobster, Cashew Nuts, Sweet Chilli Paste, Oyster Sauce). Exceptional lobster! The blend of sweet chillis and oyster sauce was very yummy!

Despite being very tempting, we skipped the dessert…we need to stretch our legs and tummies to prepare for dinner!


selection. Good.
variety. Good.
value. Expensive.
wine rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down) 👍👍

2013 Monsoon Valley (Siam Winery) Colombard (click for photo and additional details). We visited Hua Hin Valley Vineyards several years ago. Their Colombard, which is very good, is an example of what they call New Latitude wine that “…is a combination of the New and the Old World accentuated with an exotic touch and a new wine world to discover.” OkeyDokey, we guess that is fair. An easy sipping, Sauvignon Blanc like wine. Light yellow on the eye. Aromas of tropical and citrus fruits. Very fresh and vibrant on the nose. Palate of crisp acidity with grapefruit shining through. A touch more subtle than similarly priced Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs, which was a saviour, and the acidity proved useful with the spicy Thai food. Pleasant, easy going, cheeky little gal and fun two glasses (max) sorta wine.


type of cuisine. Thai.
dress code. Casual.
overall rating (1 to 5 thumbs up/down)👍👍👍👍


Discount and benefits available with GEG Privilege Club card

Saffron 👍👍👍👍
The Banyan Tree Macau
Ground Floor, Cotai

Photos (Saffron, Macau)

Le Grand Vefour 👍👍👍👍👌

Stunning, old world restaurant in the Palais-Royal with the original decor from the 1780s. One feels like an Emperor dining in a classical French palace with modern day tuxedo servers everywhere you look. Reeks of elegance, money, power, class..all the things we are not, nor ever aspired to be, nor ever could be…lots of “nors” in our lives…

Service exceptional!!! There are six people in our little parlour. We have at least four people serving us. Focus on making sure we get that which we want before we know we wanted the same. Yippeee!!!

Chef Guy Martin greeted us at the door and “Mr David” introduced himself. Our recent friend we met at Robuchon St. Germain, Fumi-san, made an excellent introduction. Domo arigato, Fumi-san!!!

Serious wine list. Very happy with the 1/2s so chose two. Only problem is the price, which is near what we would expect to pay for a full bottle! C’est la vie…

Glass of N.M. Duval LeRoy 1er Cru Fleur de Champagne Blanc for an aperitif. Does not suck, especially for an aperitif!!!

Half bottle of 2009 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Les Combettes” Domaine Vincent Girardin. Outstanding Burgundy nose, slightly floral and creamy with excellent fruit. Nice, fairly long, smooth finish. Happy we be!

Half bottle of 2008 Chambolle-Musigny Clos du Village Domaine Antonin Guyon. The Sommelier surprised me by choosing (a) a wine I did not short-list, (b) a “village” wine and (c) a less expensive wine than my short-list. A first!!! Having said that, an excellent first. Soft, feminine red Burgundy with a nice, elegant, Queen of England sorta finish…I can feel the “royal wave” in my tummy.

Chateldon (sparkling) and Thanon (still) both excellent waters! We ordered, by error, the Evian. Next time we shall not err as Evian cannot touch Thanon.

Amuse bouche was a creamy cauliflower and oil sauce in a shot glass with a solid piece of what appeared to be a lightly cooked slab of tuna.  Tres yummy.

Our appetizer of various veggies was far too pretty to eat so we declined to eat it…yeah, right! OMYG. Simple broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, etc, but so crunchy and fresh and seasoned in such a way – primarily with mustard – to be a Thai-like orgy in the mouth. Mushrooms don’t rank high for us, but in this dish…Wow!!! We ate all of it! Continue reading Le Grand Vefour 👍👍👍👍👌

Le Foch 👍👍👍👍

A beautiful, classic and classy, old world, business-oriented (mostly businessmen in suits) Michelin One Star restaurant arranged by Louis Roederer.  A very cold five minute walk, but to be expected in December….brrr!!!

Yippee, they have Chateldon water, our fav!!! We do not get this light version of bubbled water too often in Asia, but smile and have a bottle of teeny bubbles whenever offered the opportunity!  We tried to buy a year’s supply of Chateldon directly from them, but we received no response.  Great to have more business than you need…we guess!

The Champagne list, not surprisingly, was massive. Wine list equally impressive. We doubt we know more than 10% of the champagnes on the list.  When we think of how many delicate bubbles have passed through our palates over the last few decades, we always are shocked to visit a restaurant where 90% of the list remains unknown…will we ever sip them all?  Unlikely, but we live by the motto:  We plan to sip forever…or die trying…

Glass of NV Henriot Brut Souverain. Very nice, light, fresh, dispersed bubbles, slightly sour finish. Pretty good and reasonable value.

A bottle of Gaidoz Forget Quintessence Brut 1er Cru Champagne. Equally reasonably priced. Very powerful and heavy nose like a Pinot Noir. Quite heavy, creamy and well-structured on the palate. A lot was going on in this tres masculine champagne. Hard to call it a “champagne” as it was so creamy. Blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Five years in cellar. Very definitely more Pinot Noir, from our perspective. Huge champagne that easily goes with meat.  Very good, but not our fav.

Amuse bouche was a shot glass of boullion (warm, very helpful given the season), Foie Gras (frog grass) and a candy tomato with sesame seeds that was mega-interesting for every sense!!!

Excellent, traditional lil baguette with very nice butter. Better than Sketch or Robuchon, surprisingly. Only one piece….for us…plenty more available!  Too much yummy bread everyday!!!

Creme de chou fleur, foie gras chaud et girolles. Butter, butter, butter…duh. Having said that, we immensely enjoyed the soup. Good mushrooms.  Excellent!

Raviole virtuelle de saint Jacques et Marennes d’Oleron. Almost like a scallop ceviche with a fresh, slightly sour cream. Very complex dish as a lot going on in the palate. Too much cream for us and the scallops a bit too “alive”, but quite tasty. A struggle to finish half, but not a bad struggle!!!

Pigeonneau roti, chou farci et lard frais. Overwhelming presentation with the pigeon flying in your face in a big way. We slaughtered it like a Cantonese warrior in battle!!! The mashed potatoes were as good as anywhere, Robuchon included. OMYG!!! The cabbage caneloni with mushroom and meat, no doubt pigeon, mashed was excellent. The slab of pig was soooo fat that we experienced a blip on the heart monitor after just one bite!!!  Exceptional dish from A to Z.

Bar au beurre d’algues, coeur d’artichaut et fleur de capres. Stunning presentation. Tres yummy. Perfectly prepared Sea Bass…we mean perfect. The crepe was nice. The sauce was not too overwhelming with butter or salt, just a hint,, which appealed to us. Outstanding!!! Alas, we only finished half. Given only stretching this morning (we planned to jog, but too cold), cheese, dessert and dinner tonight, we have to be sensible.  Sipping ‘n snacking can be tiring!!!

Le plateau de fromages. Huge offering of the sort of cheese that makes the French leaders in the field!!! We had some Comte and some local, soft cheeses. Impossible to pronounce…easy to smell…happy to eat!  Thankful for a late dinner as we are full….for a week. Tonight will be a struggle…happy problem!

Sable Breton, citron et framboises dessert. Oh, c’mon!!!  To die for…

Moelleux au chocolat de Saint Domingue, sorbet mangue. Oh, c’mon!!!  Let’s die yet again!!!



Le Foch👍👍👍👍
37 Boulevard Foch
51100 REIMS

Le Foch
Amuse bouche
Le Foch
Le Foch
Amuse bouche
Le Foch
Creme de chou fleur, foie gras chaud et girolles
Le Foch
Raviole virtuelle de saint Jacques et Marennes d’Oleron
Le Foch
Pigeonneau roti, chou farci et lard frais
Le Foch
Sable Breton, citron et framboises dessert
Le Foch
Bar au beurre d’algues, coeur d’artichaut et fleur de capres
Le Foch
Moelleux au chocolat de Saint Domingue, sorbet mangue
Le Foch
Gaidoz Forget Quintessence Brut 1er Cru Champagne