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Chapter One 👍👍👍👍👍


Somehow our lunch bookings on Friday and Saturday were switched. That, coupled with our early arrival to Dublin, saw us walking for nearly three hours around the City. During our long walk, we also discovered our dinner restaurants. A lot of walking over the next few days.

We were warmly welcomed despite being 30 minutes early. Irish hospitality! We needed air conditioning, a comfy chair and a drink. They stepped up like rockstars!

Chapter One is downstairs next door to a Irish writers’ center. We think basement restaurants are so cool, particularly given our occasional slumber in gutters over the years…downstairs restaurants provided more protection from the elements.

We rated 5 thumbs up largely because the ambience was second to none!!! Continue reading Chapter One 👍👍👍👍👍

Thornton’s Restaurant 👍👍👍👌


Modern, classical business style restaurant. Posh.  Very nice

A big, 10,000 year old piece of wood with rock salt for good energy. Really? They clean with olive oil once per week.  Are we in China?

We confess Thornton’s deserves a  for food, but the very limited wine list demanded the downgrade despite the fact we sipped something excellent.  Get with the program, folks!!!

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