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Street Nibbles Stroll

We woke up Monday with a novel idea: let’s go for a Street Nibbles Stroll through one of the local towns called Luen Wo Hui 聯和墟. We packed up all of Buddy’s essentials, put on our least interesting clothing and departed on our culinary adventure.

Street Nibbles
Luen Wo Hui 聯和墟

As we rolled into the outdoor carpark, we could see Buddy’s excitement mounting. He loves the car ride, but turns delirious when he knows something new is about to take place. Et voila, he bounded out of the car like Super Man on steroids almost yanking our arm out in the process. His 220 million olfactory receptors were working in overdrive as he had mili-seconds to figure out and enjoy all the smells around him. A happy Beagle, he was.

We passed the small St. Joseph’s Church on the left before entering the town. A Catholic church established in 1926, St. Joseph’s Church is luvly. The maintenance of this Grade 3 Historic Building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office is stellar. The grounds are well-kept. The people at reception are all smiles and welcoming to visitors. From A to Z, St. Joseph’s Church is simply a nice, peaceful and spiritual destination that softly requests your visit when you are in town.

Buddy was pulling us like a crazy Beagle as the overwhelming attraction of the smells no doubt reminded him of the movie we saw the other day “PERFUME”….scary dude who had a sense of smell like Buddy, but he took it to a yucky-pooh level! We dare you to watch it!

Our first stop for victuals was “Chuen Fun” (rice rolls 腸粉), “Siu Mai” (shrimp/pork dumplings 燒賣), “Fun Guo” (mixed everything – scary – dumpling 粉果) and “Ngau Yok” (Beef Ball” 牛肉)  (see photos at the bottom) at Four Eyes’ Boy (bespectacled youth) Chuen Fun  (四眼仔腸粉) . The name of the stall made us wonder about how virtually every Hong Kong boy and even girl we ever have met dons spectacles at a very young age.  Genetic?  Bad air?  Fashion statement?  So, with approximately 4 million “four eyes’ boy” in Hong Kong, we were wondering who was behind this one!?  In any event, it is a small food stall located on Luen Shing Street 聯盛街, and they make very yummy “chuen fun” with a spicy, brown, sesame peanut sauce dip. It is a lot of fun to eat while standing on the street and watching the people walk by.

Although small, this town was bustling at 11am. Buddy was poking his nose in everyone’s privates as they walked past. It becomes evident he is the The StudBud because everyone smiled even when he got a little too close to licking in the wrong (well, for Buddy, the right) place.

Street Nibbles Stroll

Just a few stalls down the road, we stopped off at the shop called 草澤堂 where they make a most excellent “Yau Sei Mei” (廿四味) or 24 herb tea. We never dare to sip until we have returned home and find ourselves comfortably within jumping distance of a clean toilet.  “Yau Sei Mei” has a “je ne sais quoi”? cleansing impact on our insides unlike any other such product, Big Pharma included…did you say flush!? Continue reading Street Nibbles Stroll

Hiking through Plover Cove Country Park

We consider ourselves nature-lovers – so long as our love of nature includes a comfortable couch, bottle of nice wine and an 84” television screen tuned into the National Geographic channel. Otherwise, we tend to avoid the bugs, poison ivy, snakes, humidity and other reasons why God created houses, air-conditioning, etc.

Having said that, we occasionally get the urge to expand our horizons in one of the globe’s greatest ecotourism destinations: Hong Kong!

That’s right. We all know Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest, 24/7 cities. However, did you know out of the total 1,108 square kilometres of land, about three-quarters is countryside of which 44,300 hectares is designated as country parks? When you combine that with the many five-star hotels, hundreds if not thousands of excellent restaurants and a nightlife rivalling any city on the planet, we think you have a special sort of ecotourism! Continue reading Hiking through Plover Cove Country Park

Play Date with Tipsy Wo flowed into Traditional Sipping ’n Snacking with Casual C

Tipsy Wo made J workout hard with 30+ minutes of weight-lifting, 20 minutes on the treadmill (elevated) and 20 minutes on the elliptical (resistance). Whew, folks, J suggests you do not get old. the weight-lifting, in particular, adversely impacts J’s ability to open bottles…thank God for Tipsy Wo playing wine-slave!SipandSnackatHome

A healthy green salad with cucumbers, carrots and a spicy lime dressing was the beginning of the end in terms of being healthy. Great to eat something that tastes wonderful and is good for you!!! The spicy vermicelli with fish was très yummy as well. Continue reading Play Date with Tipsy Wo flowed into Traditional Sipping ’n Snacking with Casual C

A Star is Born

Tipsy Wo , with whom we often enjoy “Play Dates”, was chosen to be interviewed by one of Hong Kong’s leading, Chinese language dailies. Basically, his talents in the kitchen and the cellar, along with his extraordinary PhD in BSing, positioned him perfectly for this event. An honour that he performed in our house 

He prepared some succulent Tiger Prawns drizzled with fish oil and chorizo bits that was worthy of any Michelin star restaurant…seriously 

The Beef Cheek with Carrots in a brown reduction sauce was as tender as a sexy young (of legal majority, of course) gal’s bottom…well, I feel quite comfortable imagining that sort of analogy given nearly 40 years of experience  Let’s just say a knife, hardly even a spoon, was necessary to “cut” the cheek.

Anyone for Chocolate Fondant? I think it should be called The Choco-Oooze  Continue reading A Star is Born

Play Date Weekend with Party Marty

Our good friend, Party Marty, parachuted into Hong Kong for a relatively late night Saturday, all day Sunday and recuperative Monday visit. Despite being well out of practice with The Noble Grape, Party Marty lived up to his moniker.

We, on the other hand, find ourselves still recovering on Tuesday, albeit I anticipate something lascivious to sip this evening. Continue reading Play Date Weekend with Party Marty