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Bodegas Torres – Winery Visit

A legendary wine family in the Penedes region dating back to 1870, Torres now sells its wine in 140 countries!!!  Another beautiful winery…Spain has quite a few dazzlers throughout the country.  Definitely worth a visit!  An equally fantastic tour, Torres produces such a wide range of wine that one always can find something of interest and within every budget. Continue reading Bodegas Torres – Winery Visit

Pares Balta – Winery Visit

Parés Baltà
Masia Can Balta s/n
Pacs del Penedès

Although vines were planted in these vineyards in 1790, the current family (Cusine) only took over the winery in 1978. Since then, Pares Balta has been a completely family owned and operated winery where the two winemakers are the wives of the more business-minded grandsons of the family.  Quite literally, all in the family! Continue reading Pares Balta – Winery Visit

Freixenet – Winery Visit

Joan Sala, 2.
Sant Sadurní d’Anoia

When in Spain, it seems only fitting one should visit at least one, if not two, dedicated producers of Cava.  We decided to visit Freixenet if not for any other reason that we always remembered buying several bottles of the cheap ‘n cheerful black bottles (Cordon Negro) for New Year’s Eve when we were younger, poorer and less experienced! Continue reading Freixenet – Winery Visit

Alvaro Palacios – Winery Visit

We met Alvaro Palacios at a tasting event held in Hong Kong.  Jolly nice fella with great passion for farming, making wine, visiting people around the world to promote his and all Spanish wines and smiling.  We were not even remotely surprised to see he won the 2015 Decanter Man of the Year.  Passion honoured, recognition well-deserved.! During the tasting, we were treated to L’Ermita, Finca Dofi and Les Terrasses.  We adored L’Ermita, particularly since we did not have to pay for it 😍.  The Finca Dofi, at a fraction of the cost of L’Ermita, was disarming in terms of both quality and value…wow 👍!!!  Les Terrasses, well, a very good cocktail party wine 😉.

When we mentioned our plans to visit, he was very excited, albeit sadly informed us of his plans to be elsewhere during that time…oh well.  We confirmed the date, and we eventually found ourselves driving two hours southwest of Barcelona along winding roads, up and down mountains and through some stunning scenery.  Truly breathtaking!!! Continue reading Alvaro Palacios – Winery Visit