Our Tasting Notes @ CellarTracker

M stumbled across this online wine inventory system to ensure we properly managed The Noble Grapes’ collection….or to keep me busy…your choice.

Eric Levine, the founder, describes CellarTracker as “the leading cellar management tool with hundreds of thousands of collectors tracking bottles numbering in the tens of millions. CellarTracker has also grown to become the largest database of community tasting notes with 3.7 million such notes as of late 2013. Every year many millions of wine enthusiasts come to the site to read reviews and garner wine recommendations.”

We think it is a fantastic system for anyone serious about their wine collection, particularly when you reach several hundred or thousand bottles.

A few keystrokes will tell you what you have, where it is, when you should drink it, how much it is currently worth, with whom you drank it, what other people (pros and amateurs like me) think about it…and pretty much anything else you want to know about your luvly little babies. We use it everyday, even on the rare dry 24 hours, and we find it indispensable!

One of the most interesting elements is the coupling with Wine Searcher, which allows the sipper to discover where he/she can purchase more of his/her favourite wine and at what price. Seriously useful in the event you sip all your favs and need to re-stock.

The professional version, to which we subscribed, is reasonably priced, easy to use and Eric actually responds to questions within a day.