Coravin makes us happy…

IMG_8507We had finished, equally happy and sad, our Pares Balta Brut Nature Cava NV, but it was only 8:30pm and I was still keen to watch a few more episodes of “Person of Interest”…and sip something because, well, because…

A bottle, albeit desired, would have not been in my best interests…according to my cardiologist.

Thus, Coravin to the rescue.

Folks, this is a Godsend for the person who wants to avoid opening a good bottle only to (a) have a glass and toss the balance or (b) have a glass and replace the cork or (c) have a glass and use one of those suction thingies. The first option makes me sad. The last two options, in my humble opinion, result in a less-than-perfect bottle the next day.

Coravin does not require you to remove the cork, thus avoiding the good and bad effects of oxygen on The Noble Grape.

A perfect glass of Fisher Vineyards Coach Insignia 2010 was sipped. I mean perfect 

IMG_3184I am confident it will be perfect, despite never being opened in the traditional sense, for another three weeks.

If you often want just one more glass, but are wary – like me – of the consequences of opening a bottle to achieve that objective, check out

Buddy gives it a big Paws Up!!!