Culloden House

Culloden House 👍👍👌

Oh my ears and whiskers such a gorgeous place to sip some shampoo outside with the mansion behind us and the football field lawn before us. Better settings rarely present themselves. Pleased we are staying at Culloden House…time standing still…


location: Stunning, 3 miles from Inverness
character and atmosphere: Definition of the same
style and comfort: Feels like home…400 years ago
table and glassware: Good glassware. Basic tableware
other guests: French and Yank. Guess who was casual?


reception: Very friendly people. We even understand them, which is a big change from Glasgow.
floor staff (knowledge and presentation of food, attention to details and awareness of guests): Fun, friendly, full of personality. No clue about service, but their personalities are worth the price of admission. The waiter removed my soup (seafood) bowl, but left the side dish of shells. Too funny.
sommelier, maitre’d, chef, manager: Nope. Everyone pitches in to play every role.


bread: Tres, tres good. Butter beautiful. Oh my…Danger Will Robinson!
ingredients: Excellent
presentation: Straightforward with that playful personality.
creativity: Very nice.
taste: Tres yummy, nice well-balanced flavors.
smell: Excellent
execution: Perfectly prepared seafood/fish.

Amuse bouche of white bean with garlic soup. Very yummy. Outstanding texture, garlic subtle, bean excellent.

Sweet corn and coconut soup with mussels, clams and squid ring. Pleasant, soft but corny tannin soup with a beautiful balance of corn with coconut flavor. Clam, mussel and squid ring good, but we are not sure the seafood offered anything to the already stunning soup.

Scallop with miso and balsamic. Scallop perfectly prepared. 3 pieces…2 would have been sufficient.

Olive oil poached cod. Exceptional cod. Soft, slightly flaky, fabulous flavor with a yummy saffron potato. One of the best unsalted cods we have ever eaten. Two good sized pieces. One would have worked.

Sea Trout. Looks like salmon, but slightly different flavor. Peas in clams outstanding. All about the peas. We still would guess salmon. Still a bit too much food.

Sea Bream. Perfectly cooked. Mustard sauce excellent. Hibiscus sauce, eh. Top-shelf green veggies. Very nice dish.  Portion sufficient.


selection: Very good.
variety: Very good
value: Good

Glasses of:

NV Laurent Perrier Brut. Pleasant way to start, but no doubt influenced by the beautiful lawn, stunning sun and cool weather.

2012 Pinot Grigio, San Simone, Grave Del Friuli. Pretty good, fresh and light.

2010 Chardonnay, Castillo de Monjardin, Navarra, Spain. Very good, excellent finish.

Bottle of 2005 Gran Reserva Rioja, Lealtanza, Bodegas Altanza. Shockingly exceptional. Soft, virtually no tannins, sneakily silky, great finish.


type of cuisine: Modern Scottish.
dress code: Casual.

2nd Meal @ Culloden House

After having a look at the menu and passing on Contrast Brasserie in Inverness, we returned to our hotel where we knew the wine list was good and the food would likely be better.

Nice amuse bouche of smoked salmon…from the River Ness…was it fish or…?

Otherwise, pretty much the same food for the second night, which was fine given we enjoyed the first night.

Half bottle of 2012 Pouilly-Fume Domaine Pabiot. Good, simple fruity expression of this always friendly wine.

Bottle of 2011 Pommard, Les Vaumuriens Hauts Domaine Henri Delagrange et Fils. Soft, black fruits, reasonably long finish, no wet forest…darn!

By the way, beware the selection and friendly pours of Scotland’s favourite “water”, i.e. whiskey.  One of us required assistance (fireman’s carry) up the stairs to our bedroom.  Sneaky and very friendly bartender!!!

Culloden House 👍👍👌
Chef Michael Simpson
Inverness, Scotland
United Kingdom

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Culloden House (Photos)

2005 Gran Reserva Rioja, Lealtanza, Bodegas Altanza
Culloden House
2012 Pouilly-Fume Domaine Pabiot
Culloden House
2011 Pommard, Les Vaumuriens Hauts Domaine Henri Delagrange et Fils
Culloden House
Amuse bouche of white bean with garlic soup
Culloden House
Culloden House, Dining Room
Culloden House
Culloden House, Dining Room
Culloden House
Whiskey selection at Culloden House
Culloden House
Sweet corn and coconut soup with mussels, clams and squid ring
Culloden House
Scallop with miso and balsamic
Culloden House
Olive oil poached cod, salted cod mousse, saffron potato
Culloden House
Sea Bream, Samphire, Mustard, Hibiscus
Culloden House
Sea Trout fillet, Romaine, Peas, Surf Clam
Culloden House
Smoked Salmon
Culloden House
Sea Bream
Culloden House
Roast British Asparagus, Poached Hens Egg, Peas, Hollandaise
Culloden House
Culloden House
Egg Yolk Ravioli
Culloden House
Culloden House