Go Big or Go Home (Part 2 of 6)

November Birthday Month Celebrations Not For The Faint of Heart

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Part 2

Day 6: Sunday sippin’ ’n snackin’ at home

Sunday morning – or was it afternoon – came fast and furious without any of the Hollywood glamour.  Whew, we were exhausted. With that in mind and a determined desire to avoid the little people (aka kids) usually scuttling about good eateries on Sundays,  we raided the fridge and wine cellar at home.  Thanks to Oisix, we munched on some succulent, sashimi-grade salmon, fresh vegetables,  lightly baked potatoes/onions/peppers and OMYG noodles.  We, of course, washed down these victuals with a 2010 Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru.

Sippin’ ’n snackin’ at home does not suck!

2010 Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru
2010 Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru


Day 7: A bitza this, a bitza that

We embarked late morning for Wanchai, a district on Hong Kong Island with a bitza this, a bitza that…always fun!

Desiring, hoping and praying for exceptional Mexican fare, we parachuted into Verde Mar.  A self-proclaimed oasis of all things yummy Mexican, we found Verde Mar to be, well, average at best.  Somewhat soggy nachos, doughy burritos and nary a bottle of Mexican wine on the list (yes, Mexico has some good wine), the only positive light was the friendly service.  Alas, our search for exceptional, heck just good Mexican food, continues…

Not to be deterred and far from full, we decided to try the teeny little Japanese noodle shop known as Kamitora Ramen.  Happy we were with very good ramen. Not delirious, but reasonably satisfied.  We would not go out of our way for their ramen – the flavours did not soak into the noodles as desired – but we would not seek out other such shops if in the vicinity and yearning for a fix.

Still seeking a little more to end the snackin’ part of the day, we popped into 22 Ships.  We have been before.  We probably will not go again.  The food was good, but not enthralling.  The service was curt as the kitchen was closing in 30+ minutes.  The chefs were busy cooking food for the staff and offered little time to answer our questions regarding some of the dishes.  The glasses of wine were served with a huff… Sorry, folks, but a tapas bar with snooty staff and disengaged chefs is, well, unworthy of our praise…albeit the Padron Peppers were yummy!

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Day 8: Dan-Dan Mian day

A favourite dish for us is “Dan-Dan Mian” – a bowl of spicy Sichuan noodles.  We heard of some outstanding versions of the Southwestern China speciality being served up in Hung Hum, a fairly popular residential district in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Off we were to seek out all things Sichuan!

We started at Wing Lai Yuen 詠藜園 to sample their “Dan-Dan Mian” along with several other Sichuan staples.  Hmmm…yet again, another disappointment wrought by the Cantonese aversion to spicy anything.  Bad? Nope.  OK?  Yes.  Great?  We booked our flights to Chengdu the next day.  Let’s just say we will not be going back.

Seeking something more credible for our palate’s spicy-quest, we stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall called Yunnan Guizhou & Sichuan Noodle 唯一雲貴川風味.  Cheap as chips, littered with students and awaiting the annual cleaning, we faced a sceptical waitress when demanding the spiciest of noodles available in the joint.  We did not get the top-echelon – local people often mistake the colours of our faces to mean we do not understand Cantonese – but settled for a more than satisfying, tasty palate-burn.  We shall return.  We shall achieve spicy Nirvana.  So let it be written…

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That evening with more than full tummies, we treated ourselves to a bottle of 2011 Robert Foley Pinot Noir Hudson Vineyard.  Glorious…enough said!!!

Robert Foley
2011 Robert Foley Pinot Noir Hudson Vineyard

Day 9: Sai Ying Pun trendy…worthy of a visit

Sai Ying Pun is a district in the Western part of Hong Kong.  It has blossomed over the last few years into a somewhat trendy alternative to Central, Lan Kwai Fong and SOHO…and, dare we include K-Town?

We have visited quite a few eateries in the district before so we conducted some research to ensure no replication of the past good, bad and ugly.

Arriving just before 5pm at La Viola, we were pleased to be greeted by friendly faces offering us much desired, and exceedingly well-priced, glasses of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay from Veneto.  We cannot say top-shelf sips, but certainly acceptable for happy hour.  We enjoyed the somewhat dainty hustle ’n bustle of the local neighbourhood with the backdrop of two “lovers” having quite a boisterous, four-letter “discussion”…ah, culture!

La Viola
La Viola

La Viola

Happy and hungry – if not somewhat entertained by the scenery – we set-off on foot to Fish School.  From the ceviche to the crudo to the lobster popcorn to the Threadfin rice to the more than a few glasses/bottles of wine to the friendly and engaging service…we were impressed.  A winning combination in a light and breezy atmosphere ended four hours later with our Uber chariot whisking us home to peaceful and stuffed oblivion.

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Day 10: Wines of the Month

We enjoyed a slow Thursday culminating in dinner at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Beas River Horseshoe Grill.  As we live just a stone’s throw away from this oasis in the middle of nowhere Sheung Shui, we occasionally pop-in for some excellent “Le Gout de France” dishes prepared by Chef Ellis along with sampling the wines of the month, which happened to be the new “club private labels”.  The food was classical French prepared and served near perfectly.  Kudos to Chef Ellis who continues to meet our and exceed others’ expectations!  The 2014 Maison Foucher, Les Monts Damnes, Sancerre and 2012 Chateau Grand Peyrou, Grand Cru, Saint-Emillion, well, did not over-impress.  Just OK-Lah.

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To be continued…

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