ON Dining Cocktail & Cheese Bar 👍👍👍

We managed to obtain a last minute booking at the bar after an exceedingly odd evening where our first restaurant was so bad that we bounced it within 45 minutes and then we happened upon a most excellent wine bar where we were happily sipping when we received the confirmation for ON.

We had been negligent during the last year not to visit Chef Philippe Orrico’s newest venture in Hong Kong. Such is life! We have enjoyed his food since he first joined Pierre at the Mandarin, moved to St. Georges at Hullett House after which he started Upper Modern Bistro in Sheung Wan He is a rockstar!!!

Nevertheless, when we finally got off our lazy butts, we were pleased to experience a Central Hong Kong bar that was stylish, hip (a bit too much for we ole folks), focused on friendly and efficient service and excellent food and boasting a most interesting list of “grower-producer” champagnes unknown to any other venue in Hong Kong!

The combination of Chef Philippe’s cuisine, Jeremy’s mastery of cheese, Nicolas’s command of wine (especially champagne) and Giancarlo’s modern mixed drinks is a recipe for success!

We are confident Chef Philippe is on to a winner with this venue. He already is impressing the Hong Kong market with his Upper Modern Bistro. Why not a second? We have no doubt there will be a third! We wish him great success…we know he will succeed!

The Cod tarama, raddish & croûtons was served in a slick shot glass. Soft mousse with popping pleasant flavours all coming together as a happy meal! Tres yummy!

Melted Munster, potatoes, cumin & cecina ham. An exceedingly unfair dish in that somehow if you close your eyes, you will imagine munching on a Croque Monsieur without the bread and with the nice touch of cumin. Luvly…

Sautéed octopus, artichokes & gnocchi, mustard vinaigrette. For us, this was the magical dish of the evening. The octopus, artichokes and gnocchi were all perfectly prepared and nicely seasoned with the mustard vinaigrette. It quite simply does not get much better than this Oh My Yummy God “OMYG“!

Selection of Comte, Mimolette and Munster cheese. What can we say? Jeremy knows his cheese!!!

NV Emmanuel Brochet Champagne Le Mont Benoit Extra Brut. We were introduced to this wine by Nicolas, who is the most excellent sommelier at ON. It was a happy moment after great disappointment earlier in the evening at a dump called Fish & Meat. Only 6081 bottles produced of this blend of Pinot Meunier (40%), Pinot Noir (25%) and Chardonnay (35%). A “grower-producer”, Emmanuel Brochet apparently is distinguishing himself quite quickly in the champagne world. Nicolas was excited when we asked for proper glasses to sip this wine. We found this wine to be reasonably priced, very good, quite big, a touch yeasty/toasty and a wonderfully long, lingering finish.

2010 Roses de Jeanne / Cedric Bouchard Champagne Blanc de Noirs Les Ursules. Nicolas was seeking a follow-up to the Emmanuel Brochet we sipped earlier. No easy task. We guessed it was Cedric Bouchard (one of our favourite “grower-producers”) as he walked up with the bottle, but this was our first time sipping this heavy duty Pinot Noir that offers intense flavours and complexity. Ripe fruit aromas with an elegant, smoky finish. Did you say a middle age Sophia Loren? We dreamed of her…


ON Dining Cocktail & Cheese Bar 
Chef Philippe Orrico (also at Upper Moder Bistro)
29/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central
Hong Kong

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