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Fabulous flavours, Kistler, Coravin, Blankiet

Super flavours served up by M included:

Steamed Japanese Siu Mai dipped every so slightly in Sriracha sauce. All things taste great with Sriracha sauce, but these Siu Mai – darn Japanese make good, quality stuff – never disappoint!

We followed with a steamed Japanese capsicum (bell) pepper stuffed with French blue cheese, Iberico ham and a touch of tabasco-like sauce. OMYG…it really is decadent in the extreme. Continue reading Fabulous flavours, Kistler, Coravin, Blankiet

Easter Sunday with Italian Michelin Star Chef and His Family from Italy

It is always great to know good people. It is even better when one of them is aIMG_8564 Michelin Star Chef, and his family is visiting Hong Kong for Easter holidays. The invitation to wow us at J.A.M’s place was arranged months in advance with plans for Flowers By Him, fresh veggies from Yuen Long, Italian pasta pomodoro, eggplant parmigiana and fish/prawns over aIMG_8557 beetroot puree, Chinese beef balls, French cheese and well, all sorts of nibbles….and, did I forget to mention wine?

Oh my ears and whiskers…it was a glorious Bunny Day!!!

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Babysitting G

Oh my ears and whiskers, our good friend G was abandoned by his wife, who had booked a girls’ night.  If only we were in our 30s, nay, even 40s, this evening could get ugly.  The advantage of age, of course, is the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular wines one would not find in “gentlemen’s clubs”.

We – happily – offered to “babysit” our needy, little fella…well, he is more than ten years my senior, but a friend in need….

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