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A little love from Saint-Émilion

Our good friends, Bruno and Max, from our favourite Saint-Émilion wine merchant, Vignobles & Chateaux, visited us for a wonderful wine dinner.

To make it even more fun for the assembled guests of sipping and snacking, Bruno and Max organised a blind tasting. The story, including menu and wine list, unravels – rather quickly as you might imagine – below.

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Babysitting G

Oh my ears and whiskers, our good friend G was abandoned by his wife, who had booked a girls’ night.  If only we were in our 30s, nay, even 40s, this evening could get ugly.  The advantage of age, of course, is the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular wines one would not find in “gentlemen’s clubs”.

We – happily – offered to “babysit” our needy, little fella…well, he is more than ten years my senior, but a friend in need….

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