About Tipsy Wo 酒胡子

A young boy who departed home on an unknown, yet exhilarating, path through the UK and USA returned in his late twenties to his village in the New Territories a bit older and, arguably, wiser man destined to become a leading light in the sip ‘n snack world of Hong Kong.

Tipsy Wo, now just north of 30, has flourished beyond (his) expectations to be a most excellent sommelier for a fella of such tender years and a wonderful chef with an amazingly diverse palate and skill set.

Be it a bottle or a knife, Old vs New World or Western vs Asian, Cantonese vs English, elegant lady vs sistah in need, Tipsy Wo rises to the occasion with an easy-going swagger, Cheshire cat grin and a never-ending desire to experience The Noble Grape from wherever it may bud or a delectable dish from distant lands.

He honed his skills at various Michelin star restaurants in the USA, UK and Hong Kong while simultaneously earning all those fancy professional wine qualifications (WSET 3) – including recognition for his knowledge of Spanish wines – and even achieved status for his skills with Cuban cigars. Fortunately, he realised at a young age that sipping, snacking ’n puffing were his areas of expertise as he continually disappointed everyone with his reading, writing and arithmetic

He is Tipsy…Tipsy Wo…the man, the mystery and, according to his Mum and a (very) few young ladies, The LEGEND…

Well, he also is just a really jolly good fella, who is both a wonderful son and exceedingly loving brother!!!


Tipsy Wo Interview

Tipsy Wo

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