Vinenaughties’ Wine Rating Criteria

Vinenaughties’ Wine Rating Criteria


We have reviewed the rating guides of several of the “experts”, chatted with some online wine-geek friends and blended the same with our own experiences/thoughts to provide you with the Vinenaughties Wine Rating.

We welcome comments and constructive criticism.

97 – 100

Mind-blowing meets exceptional, exceedingly well-made and incredibly pleasing to the eye, nose and palate.  The only complaint one can pass on to the winery is “why can’t we break the bottle and sip the remnants of the wine still sticking on the glass?”  We have achieved this extraordinary feeling more than several times in our lives.  We fondly remember such lofty tingling of all the senses as “Wine Nirvana”.  As and IF we ever discover a wine offering the opportunity to lick the glass shards, then we will know Nirvana was not the end of the rainbow.

90 – 96

An excellent wine from A to Z, “special”, “buy every year” and seek to share with your best sipping friends.  We always will seek to acquire these elegant examples of The Noble Grape, preferably directly from the winery or via tried and trusted wine distributors/wholesalers.  Of equal importance, we spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes scouring wine lists and speaking with sommeliers in mind-blowing meets exceptional or exceptional restaurants (See GastroNaughties’ Restaurant Rating Criteria) with the objective of sipping such stunners while snacking on fantabulous food. We want to experience this level of sipping as often as possible while remaining true to our life-long desire to try new wines from different parts of the world.

85 – 89

Although not a “special” or “buy every year” example of The Noble Grape, we will happily sip this bottle with the guest who likely brought it to share at dinner or as a satisfying alternative to the higher-level wines that for many reasons should not be sipped everyday.  Good color, pleasant nose, varying degrees of appropriate niceties (depends on the varietal or blend) on the palate and the sort of finish that politely responds, “Yes, I would be happy to sip another glass, thanks.”  We often find ourselves opting for such wines in mind-blowing meets exceptional, exceptional or excellent restaurants (See GastroNaughties’ Restaurant Rating Criteria) where the list is wonderful despite the 3x+ markup.  Equally, we think those bottles achieving 89 may just be a “buy every year” option despite being shy of the next level…never-ever a dull moment when trying to quantify quality.

80 – 84

This is the cocktail party wine with which we have no problem sipping a glass, possibly two, without having to tell porky pies (aka lies) to the host about why we are not drinking.  A reasonably well-made, relatively easy sipping wine that does not offend the hors d’oeuvres of the evening, but does not inspire a call to our wine merchant to acquire a case.  Equally, if it somehow managed to arrive in our home, then we would replace the cork and sit it with the lesser 75 – 79 lady in the corner…perhaps with the occasional bottle reaching 84.

75 – 79

We have moved into the world of cocktail party and/or cooking wines.  In the first instance, and solely to be polite, we would hold a glass of this wine at a cocktail party for the requisite 1+ hour before absconding to a venue with more suitable sipping.  In the second instance and solely because we do like to have wine around for cooking our red sauces or marinating beef, we would simply replace the cork and place the bottle in the corner of the kitchen.

70 – 74

Sadly, and with all due respect to the no doubt nice people who produced the wine, this is simply a yucky-pooh experience and a waste of our daily wine sipping quota.

0 to 69

We will not bother rating as this wine most likely will not get past the “eye-test” and most certainly would be poo-pooed by our noses.  Arguably, not even worthy for cooking purposes.

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