Wine Searcher

Ah, the Internet and the never-ending quest for transparency in all things…I am awaiting the App that magically allows you to see people in the nude despite their clothing.

Wine Searcher basically is that tool and is described as follows:

“database and search engine bring together 6,889,396 wines and prices from 51,493 merchants around the world. It was created in 1999, and is now used by millions to locate and purchase wines all around the world. The database grows daily and is constantly monitored for quality.”

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this freedom and equality fighter is the ability to determine if the wine you are being offered is over-priced.

I am not much for bargaining, and I believe loyalty to certain merchants as well as trust in provenance is exceedingly important.

Having said that, I do not like being ripped-off.

Wine Searcher offers you the opportunity to determine “if the price is right” and thereafter consider the same vis-à-vis loyalty and trust in provenance.

All stand and salute consumer power.